Bed Alarm Sensor Pad Online in USA

Are you looking for the best bed alarm sensor pads? Kinetic Consulting Group, LLC. has got you covered with a wide range of reliable equipment. We are providing a bed alarm sensor pad online in the USA at affordable prices. This bed alarm sensor pad is designed with the latest technology that gives you a quick alert that your patient wants to get out of the bed. You just need to place this sensor under the mattress and it is as simple to use like that. The alarm is perfect for caregivers as well. You can order this sensor pad online from the convenience of your home now. Hurry, place your order and get the product delivered at home.

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SkiL-Care? 1-Year UnderMattress Sensor Pad

  • Weight of mattress keeps sensor pad in place to reduce false alarms
  • No sensor pad on mattress to compromise pressure relief or comfort
  • Sensor is under the mattress and protected against incontinence
  • Can also be used above the mattress
  • 20 x 30 inches

SkiL-Care? Bed Replacement Overmattress Sensor Pad, 10 x 30 Inch

  • 180 day sensor pad
  • Printed circuitry in sensor pad improves monitoring sensitivity
  • Flexible wire connection increases reliability
  • Operates on A/C or battery power

Stanley Standard Fall Management Chair Sensor Pad, 7 x 15 Inch

  • Durable vinyl cover cleans easily
  • Designed for extended use
  • Compatible with all UMP and Micro-Tech Fall Management Monitors

Timed Bed Sensor Pad

  • Timer automatically begins when plugged into equipped monitor, and counts down to zero days of service life
  • Number of days remaining in usage period is visually displayed
  • LCD begins flashing when only 3 days remain and the monitor emits a short, audible alarm once per minute